10 friends you need to get rid of on Facebook

Mind you, why are you even bothering with Facebook in 2015? I certainly don’t. See my comment below

From the article:

“If you’re sensitive to the point where a simple unfriending sets you off, you probably shouldn’t be on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or any form of social media.

It’s already a bloodbath out there. The online world is just a huge, vicious orgy of humblebrags, photoshopped body parts and people trying to constantly remind you of how mundane your life is compared to theirs. Somewhere right now, Mark Zuckerberg is sitting in a dark billion-dollar lab, watching us all and laughing at our pain.

According to the Pew Research Centre, the average Facebook user’s friend count is 338. Here’s the big question: how many of those people are you actually still in touch with in real life?”

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Ironically, last night on tv I watched ‘The Net’ (featuring Sandra Bullock, 1995). I’d seen it before, I was mainly interested in how antiquated the tech in the movie must look 20 years later.

Interestingly, a major theme of the film (and a warning to us ALL in 1995) , was how the rise of technology impacts our lives, and our changing ideas and concerns about privacy. The protagonist Bennett (Sandra Bullock) was easily seduced by the villain Devlin because he spied on her online, easily becoming her ideal man as she revealed innocently (?) in a chat room.  He filled in the details by going through her records online. As she concludes, our entire lives are recorded on computers, from our work to our taste in movies and prospective sex partners. So, watch out.

In 1995, this was a shocking realization that people had to learn to deal with.

In 2015, it’s basically how Facebook works.

Amanda xx

Sandra Bullock in 'The Net', 1995. Was the title a pun?

Sandra Bullock in ‘The Net’, 1995. Was the title a pun?