Article: Seeking a connection to the earth… A look at modern paganism

From ‘Seeking a connection to the earth… A look at modern paganism‘:

Paganism is a broad umbrella term for earth-based polytheistic religions — anything from Greek traditions to Nordic, Celtic and beyond. Unlike Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), pagans are devoted to many gods and goddesses and select their own paths of worship and study.

Most contemporary pagan religions “are twentieth-century creations, beginning in the 1930s in parts of Eastern Europe and somewhat later in Western Europe and North America,” according to an article by Chas S. Clifton, professor at Colorado State University-Pueblo in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion.

“New Pagan religions represent both radical individualism and a hunger for communal identity,” said Clifton in the article. “They are often described as ‘post-,’ for example post-Christian, postmodern or post-Communist, yet virtually all are engaged in an archaeological mining of past practices, knowledge, attitudes, and lore.”


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