Article: Sex selfies are on the rise, but here’s why they’re not such a bad thing.

From the article by Amanda Chatel, YourTango:

A sex selfie isn’t just a sexy photo meant to tease, tantalize, or even be saved forever as proof that, hot damn, you were hot when you were 29, but instead, it’s either an in-action sex photo or a video taken on your phone (thanks, Instagram, for adding that as an option to your app.) And no one seems to be as down with sex selfies as the Brits.

According to a study by extra-marital dating site, 71 percent of British guys and 69 percent of the British ladies have taken a “sex selfie.” Once you compare that with sex selfies being taken globally, we’re looking at 60.19 percent of guys and 51.6 percent of ladies joining the party….

We are all sexual beings. Even those of us who try to pretend that sex is something dirty and shouldn’t be discussed (who are those people anyway?), the fact remains that the we all have sexual urges. If taking sex selfies or videos on your phone, consensually, of course, and both you and your partner enjoy it, then why not?

It takes different things to get people off (think furries and golden showers here), and if participating in sex selfies is your thing, then go for it. As long as everyone is on board and it’s done safely, who are we, or any of us, to judge?

So according to this writer, and one who has engaged in sex selfies, both photos and videos, I say do your thing.

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