Article: Shedding Light on the Myths About Women Who Have a Lot of Sex

From the article By Marrie Lobel

Nothing irritates me more than persistent half-truths and complete fabrications hyped as fact. Myths about women’s sexuality are continually refurbished and bought by the masses; old mores sold as shiny new tools to be hurled as weapons of control. It’s time to expose reality by shattering outdated perceptions of women who have a lot of sex.

Later… The next time you see an article on the evils of the hook-up culture notice that the focus is on the behavior of women. Who do you think most of these women are having sex with?

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Marrie Lobel is a California based freelance sex and relationship writer, Geekalicious creator of and Co-Host of SexLoveChat Podcast Podcast. By combining wit, wisdom, and a splash of audacity she takes pride in shattering outdated perceptions about women, stimulating conversations, and igniting relationships between the sexes. Her work has been featured on Mashable, Singles Warehouse,TheGood Men Project, The Indie Chicks Magazine and numerous other media outlets.