Being present and having fun and liking yourself…


Sharon Stone

From the article :

“This fall, Stone will star in and executive-produce a new series on TNT, Agent X, in which she plays the vice president of the United States. As she sits in a makeup chair, wearing a terry-cloth robe while being prepped for her Bazaar photo shoot, it’s clear that Stone has regained the seductive, sassy verve that has been her trademark since she fled her hometown in Pennsylvania at age 19 and signed with Ford Models in New York. Although she didn’t say a word in her 1980 film debut (she was the blonde who blew a kiss to Woody Allen in Stardust Memories), Stone rose to megastardom after 1992’s Basic Instinct, proving that she knew how to capitalize on her brains as well as her bone structure. Today she still radiates the kind of natural, timeless beauty that commands a room. She will be posing fully nude for this story, but she doesn’t seem particularly anxious, having just eaten a brownie from the catering table……

“At a certain point you start asking yourself, ‘What really is sexy?’ It’s not just the elevation of your boobs. It’s being present and having fun and liking yourself enough to like the person that’s with you. If I believed that sexy was trying to be who I was when I did Basic Instinct, then we’d all be having a hard day today.””

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Young girls could learn a lot by paying attention to older female stars who have managed to remain truly sexy. It has nothing to do with in-your-face “twerking”, leaving nothing to the imagination, or obsessing over your superficial appearance Kardashian-style. Oh and if being photographed, it pays to learn about or find someone who understands subtle and flattering lighting and posing like in this shoot. Though, clearly there has been some photoshop also. But my point re lighting is valid, you see so much shitty lighting out there.

Amanda x