Call me, maybe: The sex myth of generation Y

Teens and 20-somethings have more sexual freedom than any generation before them. But are they any more promiscuous? Or is the hook-up culture more hype than reality?

From the article :

“I began to realise that we were in the grip of a Sex Myth, which regulated our sexual behaviour even as on the surface we appeared to be more free than we had ever been before. The first layer of the Sex Myth was the most obvious: the media myth of a hypersexual society, visible in everything from moral panics over wayward youth to the saturation of sexual content in popular culture to the idea that to be sexually liberated – to be confident, free and, above all, true to ourselves – meant being sexual in one very particular way…..

Where once we were condemned for being too sexual, today we are admonished for not being sexual enough. Where it was considered perverse to engage in any activity more adventurous than the missionary position, today you risk being labelled boring if you don’t. In our attempt to overturn the rules that once governed our sexuality, we have replaced one brand of regulation with another.”