Cannes 2015: Women Warriors & Sexual Emancipators

From the article:

“Some of the other strong women characters in this year’s Cannes films have to fight their traditional cultures to affirm their sexuality. These women are warriors fighting for the right to be sexual, underscoring the variations in sexual mores in different cultures. This was highlighted for me by three tales of sexual emancipation from Turkey, India and the U.S……

It’s interesting that all the films mentioned above are quite conservative in their depiction of sexuality. This is of course to be expected of Indian movies, which have only recently shown couples kissing, and of films set in Turkey.

However, the American and Australian movies are almost as restrained as the Turkish and Indian films. The stories of sexual emancipation have less sex and nudity in them than a typical HBO series.

By contrast, two years ago, the Palme d’or went to Histoire d’Adèle (Blue is the Warmest Color), a lesbian love story with a prolonged, graphic sex scene.

While many of the films I saw in Cannes this year with strong woman characters spoke of sexual emancipation, they chose keep the sex offscreen.”