Conspicuous consumption and ‘after-sex’ selfies

From article:

Well, we know that there are lots of ways we can achieve status. But one of the biggest indicators of status in modern, western capitalist New Zealand is conspicuous consumption. Buying flashy stuff. Dude buys a Lamborghini so that everyone sees it, knows he bought it, and knows he is one rich, important bunny.

In an after-sex selfie the “flashy thing” is the sex itself. Everyone knows you have this flashy thing because you’ve just taken a photo of it. What after-sex selfies say is, “hey, I just had sex, and that makes me cool, and now you know I’m cool.”

When did sex become proof you were cool? How did it become a product to use to fashion your identity? Was it always this way?

Well sex is inherently, hopefully, an indication that at least someone thinks you’re awesome.

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