‘Extreme phone pinching’ goes viral on social media

A strange online trend called “extreme phone pinching” is taking social media networks by storm and costing people thousands.

The challenge involves people putting their precious iPhones at risk by pinching the corner and dangling them over the most dangerous drop they can find.

The bizarre event is recorded and then uploaded with the hashtag #extremephonepinching

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My take:

When I was in my early teens, I read some advice that I’ve never forgotten.

“You will never raise yourself above the level of the people you mix with”…or something to that effect.

I note that usually there is… 1. the idiot in the video putting their phone at ‘risk’ and 2…. the idiot filming it to share.

This is civilization in 2015?

Think about it. And be happy (I hope) they are strangers.

Amanda xxCapture22