Goodbye Zoo Weekly. You won’t be missed…

From article:

According to Dr Susan Hopkins, lecturer in communications at the University of Southern Queensland, who has studied the contents of lads’ mags, the tone in such publications had sunk so low that it made “aggressive and predatory views” towards women normal.

She told ABC radio in June that though the editors of Zoo “try to hid behind that cloak of politically incorrect, ironic humour” the messages within still leak into the consciousness of young people and “justify and legitimise the kind of hyper-masculinity which is about being aggressive and predatory”.

It’s that kind of objectification of women that helps to foster an atmosphere in which domestic violence and violence against women generally thrives.

So whatever way you cut it, the end of the tackiest lad rags is a good thing for the health of young mens’ minds and young women’s chances of being treated with respect.

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