Guess the Film: 13 Minimalist Movie Posters That Will Perplex Then Amaze You

Nowadays, the trend in movie posters seems to be “more, more, more:” more characters, more color, more explosions and scantily-clad heroines, more activity, even, thanks to a rash of motion posters. But there’s one group who’s going the other way with things, stripping classic movie posters down to their most singular elements.


Rear Window 1954


Psycho 1960

In a gallery hosted by Wired, a Spanish graphic design firm called Atipo has produced a series of minimalist posters to 13 of cinema’s most notable films. The thing is, here they’re almost unrecognizable. Each poster is made of a single piece of card stock that has been colored, altered, or mangled to represent the film in question. Some are easier than others, but all are a fascinating way to wile away some free minutes pondering and marveling over.

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