Internet boy….

A repost but even more relevant these days…

He doesn’t have actual relationships.

Oh, he has 300 followers on Instagram, 500 on Twitter, twice that on Tumblr, 750 on Linked-In and triple that on Facebook (but seriously, when was the last time Facebook was relevant?).

Because he doesn’t have actual conversations.

He tweets and posts and uploads all day long and late into the night, and people like what he has to say, but he doesn’t actually say things, and they don’t exactly like them.

Those people?

They’re not exactly people. They’re pixelated hearts and thumbs and comments and replies with tiny little pictures of people next to them.

He doesn’t actually know them.

But every once in a while, he’ll come across a tweet or a post or a status or a picture that that will make him want a closer connection.

So he’ll dm or retweet or privately message this person he really doesn’t know, but who has pretty eyes or a great rack or a seductive demeanor, or a really nice smile.

And he’ll wait for a reply.

If there is one, there will be some online banter and a ton of sexual tension between them for a short time, and numbers may even be exchanged after which texting will ensue.

Eventually, a phone call.

That is when things will begin to unravel. He will prove to be far more charming and far more interesting and far more desirable in 140 characters or less. And she will live 1000 miles away, after all. And have just gotten out of a relationship, and have a really annoying laugh, and look a lot better with a filter.

And he will feel bad, briefly, and then move on.

Because, as the old adage goes, there are plenty of followers on the web.