Interesting article… from the conclusion:

I do indeed feel that compersion is a form of sexual mudita.

But I also feel that to evince that in a relationship requires a very deep self-examination and maturity that most people have not developed. (Italics mine)

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I’ll also add that even if  “Compersion is a hell of an aphrodisiac” in a sexual context,  it’s all in your head if you aren’t having sex with the right similarly-minded people.

And if it’s so hard nowadays for most people to find anyone on the same page, you might understand why I have no difficulty.

Its the reward for my effort – thru the way I live, thru my work creating sexy erotic imagery, sharing thru my tumblrs and, of course, this blog. You can’t expect to attract the right people without showing them why you over the rest.

And yet most people do totally nothing online.

Effort. The rewards are great…