Jawdroppingly beautiful footage of a RC drone flying through a firework display will leave you breathless!


The spectacular display is filmed by actually flying the drone through the middle of the display – the results are staggering.

Mind you… were they just lucky?

Flying A Drone Through Fireworks May Land You In Prison

There’s no doubt that the HD video is beautifully done.

It’s also dangerous and likely unlawful (at least if it occurred in the United States).

The biggest concern is that the drone might be damaged in a way that would prevent the operator from safely operating the drone, resulting in a “fly-off” or a crash landing into spectators. The flight is also unsafe as the existence of the drone in the airspace above the fireworks display creates an increased risk of hazardous debris (from the fireworks or the drone) falling into spectator areas.

There is also the very remote possibility that a firework colliding with a drone may divert the pyrotechnic downward into spectator areas, causing it to detonate where it otherwise should not. The drone in this video made it safely through the fireworks, but put a few more drones in the air and you’re also bound to have a mid-air collision.

All of these factors show how this operation was unsafe and probably shouldn’t be repeated. While this drone operator escaped getting hit with a firework, there’s no way he could have planned that.

Avoiding the explosions was luck, not skill.

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