Meet the Woman Who Started a Blog About Female Orgasms

From the article :

“Whether or not we’re actually living in a time of female liberation, the female orgasm remains a mystery to many people. Men can pretty much count on an orgasm during sex (with a few exceptions), but women have no such guarantee. Enter How to Make Me Come, a blog collecting women’s essays about their experience with or frustration over orgasms — or lack thereof. Well-written and often instructional, the site feels radical because it’s so rare to see women explicitly describe, you know, how to make them come…

The creator of the blog remains anonymous, just like her writers and contributors, because she doesn’t want them linked to any kind of community. Anonymity, she says, makes it “easier to see that a woman is a woman is a woman.”

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I like the intelligence behind this attempt to put women’s sexual pleasure in the spotlight, and the way it’s been received positively by the serious press and has already gone viral. So important when limited sex education and the influence of mainstream porn make it difficult for many people to communicate their sexual needs.

Amanda x