More ashamed by the “Victorian moral values” that have emerged from the Ashley Madison hack

From the article :

“That was the consensus from panelists on Q&A when discussing the fallout from the hacking scandal that has rocked the world.
Details of more than 37 million accounts were stolen from the website that promotes having affairs and were published online in August.
When panelists were asked if social media apps and websites such as Ashley Madison promoted a “hook-up culture” and had led to an increase in a moral decline in society, most agreed that the moral decline was in the way society has treated those who used the sites…

Ms Penny continued: “But what is disturbing about the Ashley Madison hack is that we are using very new technology to promulgate very Victorian moral values around ‘shame’ and punishing people for private behaviour which is not abusive. I mean, cheating on your partner, lying to your partner makes you a dick, but it doesn’t make you an abuser. And let’s be very clear on the distinction here. What I am learning from this is that monogamy is not working for a great many people and people are using technology to get around that.”