No easy answers on this issue

While I am against censorship, I am also concerned about many of the issues raised here in this article, particularly the effect this is having on young minds…

From an article about a new documentary:

When eighteen-year-old Jake had his first sexual experience three years ago, he believed all the readily-available porn he watched had prepared him for the real thing.

But instead of the plethora of sexual positions and experiences the teen might have imagined was awaiting, an awkward reality dawned on the adolescent.

“First time I had sex, because I’d watched so much porn I though all chicks dig this, all chicks want this done to them … all chicks love it there. So I tried all of this stuff, and yeah, it turned out bad.”

Jake’s story features in a documentary called Reality and Risk: Love and Sex in and Age of Pornography, directed by Australian sexuality educator Maree Crabbe and academic Dave Corlett.

The film features teenagers speaking candidly in their own words about how pornography is distorting and destroying the sexual development of an entire generation of young digital natives.…