No, you may not have sex with our robot

From the article :

“You may place this story in the basket of ideas Apple, Hewlett-Packard and IBM computers never had; the creators of the new Pepper social robot have banned buyers from having sex with it.

Users have been asked to sign a contract outlining they must not use Pepper for “acts for the purpose of sexual or indecent behaviour”. Now, while this might sound quite silly and completely unenforceable to anyone who owns a laptop, it’s actually the spear tip of an increasingly heated debate about the ethics of sex in the brave new world of robotics…..

It might strike you as weird anybody would think to have sex with a robot, however, there are already many, many companies offering products that, while not “robots” per se, do offer users an interactive experience…

The point is, this type of technology is already here and will only improve. Anybody who thinks people won’t form loving relationships with robots, or be satisfied with their conversation, need only consider how many of us have already replaced or augmented sex lives with online porn, chat rooms and even applications that simulate having a partner.

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