Oculus Rift is going to destroy families and relationships

From an article by Kyle Smith

Smartphones today are zapping dates, dinners, conversations and spontaneous meetings so everyone can disappear into his own independent iFog.

Another filmmaker, Wim Wenders, foresaw this as far back as 1991, in his unappreciated but brilliant film Until the End of the World. In a post-apocalyptic climax, a tech gadget that can record your dreams takes the form of a wraparound virtual-reality headset exactly like the Oculus Rift.

Users become addicted to their own interiors, and they begin to wander the land in the headsets, blind to one another, in a lonely daze…

OCULUS Rift turned out to be an unintentionally ideal name for a gadget dedicated to carving ruptures between people. They also could have called it the “Digital Chasm” or the “Interaction Canyon.”

The virtual-reality headsets promise to further widen what is already an alarming, tech-induced gap among couples, friends and families….

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