Off topic perhaps…but is the world going mad??

China and US on collision course for war over South China Sea

A quiet battle lingering over the South China Sea just got a whole lot more dangerous after reports China tested hypersonic glide vehicles capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The vehicle, dubbed the WU-14, was the fourth test of the missile in 18 months, RT News reports. The weapon is extremely advanced and can travel at 10 times the speed of sound.

And it’s ticking off the Americans.

The deputy dean of global studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Professor Joseph Siracussa, told that the two nations were “spoiling for a fight”.

Despite the economic ties between China and the global economy, he said it wouldn’t stop a war. “Economics mean very little at the end of the day,” said Prof Siracussa, who is an expert in human security and international diplomacy.

“Once you militarise a problem, you don’t get a diplomatic solution.


[US] Secretary of Defence’s job is to think about the next war and how to beat them up. The trigger is there, it’s just waiting to happen,” he said.

During a “Re-assessing the Global Nuclear Order” conference in January, Prof Siracussa said discussions about “inevitable” war between the US and China were quite open and on the table.

“They were discussing the inevitable war with China,” he said.

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