On Liars, Narcissists & Other Dysfunctional Social Media Archetypes

From article: The problem of truth in social media (rather the lack of) was revealed in the findings from the Datafication project shared at last week’s Over Anxious, Over Shared; Over Social, Under the Microscope – How Aussies Really Use Social Media event.

I was amused to find out that out of both genders, women lie the most on social media. They lie to make others feel good, unlike men who lie to make themselves feel good, we were told.

I was also astonished to learn that portraits mentioning the hashtag #nofilter aren’t always the real thing. The ongoing study into the daily habits of Australian social media users found that a significant number of #nofilter images had visibly been enhanced with filters or otherwise.

Some social media punters obviously feel the need to lie on how truly beautiful they are.

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