Quote of the Day – March 18 2016

“My women are always victorious.”

Helmut Newton

Foam presents a major exhibition of work by Helmut Newton between 17 June to 4 September 2016

Amsterdam based Photography Museum Foam will present a wide-ranging exhibition of the work of supremely influential photographer Helmut Newton. Taking over the entire building on Amsterdam’s Keizersgracht, the retrospective features 200 photographs, ranging from very early prints that rarely go on display to monumental and famous photos. Newton is responsible for a rich, authentic and complex oeuvre that can be considered one of the most iconic of the last quarter of the 20th century. The influential fashion photographer captured the full spectrum of women’s experiences, self-confidence paired with vulnerability, sensuality and inner strength. The majority of the works featured in the exhibition are vintage prints from the collection of the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin.

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