Quote of the Day – May 29 2016

“When you are secure in yourself, know what turns you on, and enjoy watching your partner watch you experience sexual pleasure, you have a highly novel relationship grounded in love. The experience of seeing and being seen fuels lust and desire. This is exactly the way you integrate healthy lust and love into your sex life. It’s relational sex, not the old pornographic sex of past addictions.”

Alexandra Katehakis

Image from Masters of Sex on Showtime

Lizzy Kaplan on her role in Masters of Sex: “I do find it troubling that people say that a girl who enjoys sex with many different partners and doesn’t want to be in a relationship or doesn’t want to get married ‘thinks like a man’. Get over it.”

On her comfort level when doing on-camera nudity: “It’s certainly not boring. They give us pretty intense stuff to do.  A standard-issue sex scene is one thing, but standing completely naked and masturbating in front of someone is quite another.”


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