Rise of ‘revenge selfies’: How people are employing hot models to pose as their new partners

You seriously have to be kidding! BeautifulPeople.com, a dating website for ‘good-looking people’, has launched a revenge selfie service.

From article:

The rise of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook makes it increasingly difficult to get over an ex when your News Feed is littered with pictures of them seemingly having ‘moved on’.

And it’s hard to feel good about being single when every one of your friends seems blissfully happy in a relationship – after all, it’s not like they post photos of their latest argument, is it?

It’s hardly surprising then that the ‘revenge selfie’ is becoming a popular tool for disgruntled singletons and spurned exes to ‘hit back’.

This Valentine’s Day the trend is set to take the Internet by storm, thanks to a new service from BeautifulPeople.com, a dating website purely for ‘good-looking people’.

It allows non-members to sign up for a selfie or series of snaps with one of the site’s gorgeous members to post to their social media pages.

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Seriously, get a (real) life!

Amanda xx