Sexy selfies are becoming a normal way to flirt

“Demand for raunchy photos and videos between couples is so high that app developer Antony Burrows created Disckreet, an app that allows couples to safely record their intimate files. It requires both partners to be together and enter their passcodes in order to access a file.

“Nothing goes on the cloud and the files are heavily encrypted,” he said. “It means one partner can’t just upload it to the internet if they break up.” Burrows was aware of the constant stream of nude celebrity pics going viral, as well as the increase of “revenge porn” — where spiteful exes share intimate pics — and realised there was a market for a safer way for couples to experiment with photos and videos together. “


Of course, nothing is ever 100 percent secure. It’s why I advocate always cropping or framing faces out of sexy pics if discretion matters. Especially in private sex videos.



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