Summer is here in Australia. Reading “Naked At Lunch”

Not to be confused with Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs, this a light but amusing read on a sunny day

From article:

“Haskell Smith devotes several chapters in his book to trying to answer why many European cultures are so relaxed with nudity compared to other Western countries.

“The US is much more uptight than Australia, but in the States it comes from the fact that our culture was founded by religious fanatics who left Europe because it was too liberal,” he says.

“Just look at art history and you’ll see the Greeks and Romans had plenty of naked men and women in their art, where the English and American cultures covered everything up.

“That idea that nudity is some kind of sexual activity and sex is a sin stems from the early Puritans.”

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No beach today but my balcony is private! Amanda x