The Power Of Seeing Women Masturbate On TV

Female masturbation is being normalized, one television episode at a time.

From the article :

“The fifth episode of Lifetime’s “UnREAL” opens with a shot of protagonist and reality TV producer Rachel (played by Shiri Appleby) masturbating with a vibrator in the back of a van. “Chivalry is not dead,” says the male host of fictional dating show “Everlasting,” as Rachel, laying under a wool furniture blanket, tries to get off to some porn on her iPhone. The scene isn’t “sexy” — there’s no lingerie, no tousled sheets, no moaning, no male-gazey camera shots. While the fantasy of a “Bachelor”-like dating world is being created outside of the production van, the audience watches the real part of “UnREAL” unfold inside.

The scene frames Rachel’s masturbation as mundane, utilitarian, routine — which is exactly why it’s so special.”