The sex school breaking taboos in Kyrgyzstan

From the article:

“When Rakhat Kenjebek kyzy opened Kyrgystan’s first sex school three years ago, she wasn’t sure how it would be received. The topic had been taboo since the days of the Soviet Union, and everyone was skeptical about whether her business would survive.

But these days the Jade Gift school, which offers courses on sexual fantasy and “playing the flute” – a metaphor for oral sex, has more than 150 students between the ages of 18 and 66. It has proved so popular that it is moving to bigger premises and has opened a branch in neighbouring Kazakhstan…..

In Kyrgyzstan, talking about sexuality is still discouraged and many young people are confused about sex. This leads to all sorts of problems, says Bubusara Ryskulova, director of the country’s only women’s crisis centre.

“After the fall of the Soviet Union, sex hit Kyrgyzstan like a hammer. People were not ready,” she says. “Girls were experimenting and wore provocative fashions. This was interpreted the wrong way.”

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Isn’t it ironic that in large parts of the more “liberated” Western world, kids still have to grow up in the same repressive environments that encourage ignorance, while simultaneously being exposed daily to more sexual imagery than ever before?

Mind you… the Jade Gift website still imitates the cliche, boring use of ‘safe’ stock images to illustrate their site and articles. Some things never change!Capture223

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