The strangeness of so-called ‘social’ media…

I was asked recently by a friend why I no longer use Facebook. Many thousands of so-called ‘friends’ who ever engaged on any worthwhile level, people who never had anything to say worth reading and, quite frankly, I never fell under Zuckerberg’s spell. My private information is mine, not his.

Had to post this today on my twitter account:

“If you want me to follow you but you never tweet…what EXACTLY am I following? Mnnnn..”

I get all these follow requests from people who never tweet. And in some cases, I mean NEVER. There’s nothing there. Yet they do appear to be actual people seeking to reach out.

By all means follow me on twitter. But if you are merely scalp-hunting to make yourself appear popular, I seriously suggest you go for walk and make some friends in real life. Might do you good…

And do not get sad or angry if I choose not to follow you back. You chose not to make an effort. And life is short.

Have a great day!

Amanda xx