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From Romping Through the Apocalypse, the latest post from Joy St James:

Some people get drunk. Others take drugs. Still others channel their worldly despair into workalcoholic obsessions or lose themselves in helping others…. What usually works for me, however, is the playful pleasure of makeup, hair, and fashion.

Today, for instance, I spent my lunch break in front of a nearby store’s dressing room mirror trying on rompers. Summer’s coming! Laser-like, I focused on how my reflection looked in different styles and colors.

But nothing worked. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. For I kept thinking of the words I’d discovered from an interview with man-of-letters George Steiner:

“….we can’t shave in the morning, we can’t look at ourselves, knowing a hundred thousand people are being buried alive; the razor doesn’t work on the skin. No woman can put on her makeup and think of herself as human.”

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Une flâneuse à Saint Paul de Vence, courtesy Stefania Varga at http://steponya.com/