What I’m reading…’The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema’

From Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction to Naked Obsession and Victim of Desire, Williams provides a roadmap to the exploitation cinema of the video age that is as lively as the movies it describes. ‘She intersperses her wryly provocative analyses of ‘suspense in suspenders’ or ‘cops and copulation’ pictures with to-the-point interviews.’ – Sight and Sound Book of the Month


Pic above is from Nic Roeg’s ‘Don’t Look Now’ – Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland 1973

“Sex, whether you like it or not, is the prime force of life. There is no other reason to be here. For me, sex is very rarely rude. It’s a fresh thing. The censors saw things that didn’t happen in the sex scene. Did this happen? Did that happen? It’s not unusual. The wonder of film is that because we relate to moments and emotions so deeply, we often see things that aren’t there…”

Nic Roeg recently… when Time Out London named Don’t Look Now the best British film of all time.