Why does our Instagram generation think its snaps are so special?

When two amateur photographers on a cruise took the same picture of an iceberg, one accused the other of plagiarism. This ridiculous row is just the tip of a very ordinary iceberg

From the article:

“Photography can easily degenerate into a pseudo-art, with millions of people all taking pictures of the same things and all thinking we are special.

This strange plagiarism row exposes the illusion on which today’s mass camera cult rests. Both these amateur photographers were convinced their creativity was special. The truth is that words like creativity, individuality, talent and originality don’t readily apply when you have a planet of people all taking photos…..

Photography matters when it finds original subject matter. It is a record of the world, so the real art of the camera lies in discovering something new and personal or revelatory….

In a world of pretentious and complacent amateur snapping, we are drowning those moments of truth in an ocean of the banal.”

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So true, and applies equally to erotic imagery.

Amanda x