Why I have so many tumblrs… Challenge the inspiration channels

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Every individual out there seeks new perspectives, new ways of understanding things and new inspiration – some do it more consciously than others, but we all fall under the category of enjoying to ask and answer questions. Sometimes, the questions which we find interesting have multiple answers, incomplete ones or none at all – giving us a varying level of affecting the outcome through the amount and choice of research work.

Everyone has their own preference onto from where to draw inspiration. Someone interested in photography probably visits a couple of specialized websites on a daily basis, maybe follows a few amazing photographers, folders filled with inspiring photos and a pretty large collection of photography books. A professor in philosophy might seek out journals in the field of interest, books about old Greek philosophy and modern theories with which to compare own ideas. A medical doctor on the other hand, might find true inspiration in medical books and by researching modern biochemistry companies working on new and interesting projects for human well-being.

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