You Have To Be Kidding, Right?

Universal has released a ‘teaser’ for the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey. Always thought the title was a poor pun actually. If Grey has more than two dimensions, I clearly wasn’t paying attention.

Then again, I will repeat what I wrote once before… I think the novel and the film are rubbish but I loved the cinematography. The production design was a tad by the numbers but the lighting was great. Try it at home ;-)

So why did this ‘teaser’ offend me? The ‘music’ – the piano note – juxtaposed with the putting on of the mask.

Is originality dead? Watch Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut sometime.

I recently read an interview with director Peter Bogdanovich, whose career has taken a nosedive but this guy knows cinema. And he did at least make some wonderful films back in the early 1970s… Last Picture Show, What’s Up, Doc, Paper Moon etc.

He said movies today are dull and uninteresting because the people making them have no interest in films over 5 years old.

And the audience is the same they perceive.

So why not rip off a film released as recently as 1999? Who will notice or care?

I fucking care. It’s insulting.

And disrespectful. Rest well, Stanley Kubrick…. you knew your worst is better than their best.

Tom Cruise in 'Eyes Wide Shut' 1999. Director: Stanley Kubrick.

Tom Cruise in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ 1999. Director: Stanley Kubrick.