From article: The vagina, it seems, is having a cultural resurgence…

Forget the Playboy “pussy”, the Grey’s Anatomy “vajajay”, or the Tony Abbott-style “precious flower.” These days, it’s all about the vagina-bomb: the casual, tongue-in-cheek referencing of the technical term for female genitalia at any time, place, or opportunity.

And if talking about your vagina is no longer as edgy as it once was, perhaps this latest […]

The mainstreaming of radically honest sex scenes on television

Sex scenes used to be a decoration or a prize for the protagonist and little else. Now, they’re a potent storytelling device. “What’s great about the current era is that people’s vulnerabilities can be revealed,” Ryan says. “If you show a one-minute scene of people in bed having an issue, fight or finding that […]