“Of all sexual aberrations, perhaps the most peculiar is chastity.”

 Rimy de Gourmont

Thoughts for Lovers!

Quote of the Day – September 8 2019

“Whoever invented marriage was an ingenious tormentor. It is an institution committed to the dulling of the feelings. The whole point of marriage is repetition. The best it aims for is the creation of strong, [...]

Quote of the Day – September 6 2019

“What makes lovemaking and reading resemble each other most is that within both of them times and spaces open, different from measurable time and space.” Italo Calvino, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler [...]

History of Erotica

Afternoon Delight

  Afternoon Delight comes from the Ancient Egyptian words Aftaron (meaning before night) and delita (meaning sex). Aftaron delita is quite simply all about daytime sexing. These words date back to around 130BC in Ancient Egypt [...]