“Social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) are all wonderfully efficient conduits for mental illness…”

tantriclensThis is a comment on this article written by a 21 year old girl:

Insta Cleanse: Why I did it and why you should too

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Quote of the Day – December 28 2013

“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.”

Vernon Howard

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The Popularity of #Selfies: Narcissism or Self-Exploration?

tumblr_mu5g9n9IRy1stcer1o1_500Selfies are pictures you take of yourself tagged with #selfie or just with #me. They are showing up all across social networks like Facebook or Instagram—often but not exclusively posted by women. As the numbers and frequency of selfies increase, the phenomenon has garnered attention.
In our globally connected 24/7 world, anything that gets attention, gets talked about.  Some view these self-created self-portraits as proof of cultural—or at least generational— narcissism and moral decline.  I, on the other hand, view them as a by-product of technology-enabled self-exploration.

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Sex and Life

IMG_0180trtWe now live in a world flooded with mediocre images. Everyone has a camera, but few people have the visual literacy skills to create photos/ vids that reflect their intent.

When thousands of amateurs are now using photos and video to capture their nudity and fucking, we deserve better than to reduce our lives to the level of 70s porn clichés.

Wouldn’t you say?“

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Lighting… Again, size matters

tumblr_mof7tonEMM1ql32uxo1_1280.pngHard or soft…. light quality – determined by size of the source totally – dramatically influences what we actually see, or even more importantly what we make of what we see.

Think about that next time you find your subject captivating. If you can see it, light is clearly present.

Is the quality of the light adding to or subtracting from your intent? Let’s start an adventure in lighting…

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Video Tips

tumblr_ms5z4lKgAz1s5dqk7o1_1280aClosest to try before you buy you’ll ever get online. I’ll show you how to read their vids to determine if they are worth meeting.

Also, I’ll show you how to make a killer video yourself.


Recent Comments of interest…

tumblr_m63u1pOP6b1rwz2n9o1_500Recent comments that caught my attention…

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of two years and have been back on the dating scene. My boyfriend was about 6 and half inches or so in length and sex was always great. I was always a firm believer in size not mattering.

However a guy I recently had sex with has a penis that is about 8 inches in length.

Wow what a difference, sex seems to be much more intense with him, his cock feels so good sliding in and out of me.

Maybe some women may have a tougher time handing large penises but I am glad I am not one of them.

Lisa, Submitted 

And another:

Here is another one… It’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean. That is a load of crap, speaking from experience. I and most of friends prefer men with larger than average packages.

KF, Submitted

My preference is already on record! Aftaron delita indeed.[hr]

Version Française

Capturegdfgdfgdfg3434A recent French survey revealed 82 percent of women said they watched at least one X-rated film before (compared to 99 percent of men). Of those women, 2 out of 3 indicated they watched it with their partner to spice up their sex life, while 1 in 2 said they simply watched it on their own.

Interestingly, my stats tell me my tumblr and this blog have a substantional French audience.

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