Couples pics are an interesting challenge.

Usually on this site more often than not the male and the female appear separately. A pic of her (usually several) then one of him. If there is one of him.

I’ll leave it to you to wonder why that’s so.

What do you see here? I saw an opportunity to take a pic and just took it. There was no posing involved though it might appear so. The lighting was providential. Some desaturation in post since I felt the actual color recorded forced too much emotional response, better to back off there somewhat.

Two bare-assed lovers standing cheek to cheek? They are facing away from each other so what does that tell us? Togetherness? The opposite? Proximity sure but what can we really make of it since there is so little information in the frame.

We may think we know what we are saying when we take a pic but the very act of taking the pic – framing, lens choice, angle, focus, lighting et al – can completely change the meaning/reading of what is actually going on.

Always pays to step out of your mind and really see what the camera is recording and therefore what viewers will read at the other end.

This pic is an example. Most people say its what I suggested it was above. TWO people. A guy and a girl. Cheek to cheek.

Its actually a pic of me alone with a mirror behind me. The mirror was angled and I simply noticed the angle raised my ass. I also noticed the mirrored image of me appeared taller and bigger.

By framing out any information to the right which would clearly show a female butt curve that would give it away, I let the shadow do the rest. Overlapping my body at front with the reflection sold the illusion.

Actually ALL pictures are a misrepresentation to some extent by the very nature of the the photographic process. It is inevitable and flexible. Embrace it.

Responsibly, of course. I never said lie. Actually you use the limitations of photography to tell the truth.

I’ll leave it to viewers to decide what I’m actually saying in the pic.