I receive a lot of messages from people wanting to model for me or collaborate on my various projects.

Many have a personal interest in me too, sure…. I want to appear in images with you! Pick me!

When I read their emails, look at their postings online or peruse the pics they send me I am often astounded by the amount of self-deception. Supposedly well-hung guys who aren’t, guys who supposedly are on a life/erotic journey that’s all in their minds.

Are we humans built to deceive rather than be honest and grounded in truth – good or bad? Does the ease of communication thru sms and social media just make it all so easy to live in our own heads and then export our deceptions to others using our thumbs on a tiny keyboard?

Men who want to model for me often make every excuse under the sun as to why they don’t have any pics to send me. Wtf? In today’s world where every phone on the planet has a camera installed? And most homes have a mirror I’ve noticed.

Are they afraid of what a picture will show? The truth?

Sometimes simplicity and the pure empirical statement one picture makes reminds me all is not lost.

Truth in a picture, simply captured.

No excuses.

Eric Bryant, Ford Models

From my tumblr!

No exaggeration.