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Quote of the Day – September 3 2019

“People have done pornographic pictures forever, but most of the people who involve themselves in explicit sexuality aren’t really artists.”

Robert Mapplethorpe

Quotes for Lovers who talk in bed!

History of Erotica

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Quote of the Day – September 2 2019

“In this land some of us fuck more than
we die but most of us die better than we fuck”

Charles Bukowski, Love Is a Dog from Hell

An evolutionary arms race?

Biology fascinates me as does sociology… exploring the conflict that often occurs when we are built to behave one way yet practice another way of dealing with […]

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29 Pieces Of Erotic Art That Prove People Have Always Loved Sex

Image: A jade erotic art piece made during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). China.

Sexuality has been a part of the human experience since our inception as a species.

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have incorporated sexuality into erotic art, worship, and daily life. There have been cultures and times were explicit references to sexuality were more […]

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Quote of the Day – September 1 2019

“Sex pleasure in woman is a kind of magic spell; it demands complete abandon; if words or movements oppose the magic of caresses, the spell is broken.”

Simone de Beauvoir


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Message from Amanda!

I’ve been redesigning this website, installing a beautiful new WordPress theme.

The site is much wider for those of you with larger monitors while also being fluid and responsive so its also great on all tablets and mobile devices.

It will also be Hi Dpi and Retina ready so the images will really pop on apple devices […]

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Quote of the Day – August 31 2019

Interviewer: “Are photographs less powerful now because there are so many of them in the world?”
David Bailey: “No, it just makes the good ones even more powerful. Digital and Photoshop just moved mediocrity up a stop, that’s all. They’re still mediocre – they just look better.”



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Quote of the Day – August 30 2019

“That erotic and pornographic photographs were produced almost from the medium’s inception should come as no surprise. That it does so is a testimonial only to the near-total elision of this fact from the standard histories in the field… Indeed, it seems reasonable to assume that almost as soon as there were viable daguerreotypes, there […]

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