Framing and editing…

Last night I had the pleasure to film another couple. Always special even though I get to do a lot of this.

My eyes saw everything, of course, but the camera was selective.

Often times – especially when filming something as potent as actual sex – what you choose to conceal can give an image its power!

Amanda […]

Breaking the Fourth Wall…

In theatre ‘The Fourth Wall’ is an imaginary wall separating the audience from the action on the stage.

Lovers looking at the camera as they fuck, even playing to the camera – acknowledging that they have an audience – has the effect of “breaking the fourth wall”. To involve your viewers more deeply in the intensity […]

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Cindy Gallop at TED – Make love, not porn…

Cindy Gallop took a risk when she entered advertising, and hasn’t stopped taking them since. She began her early career in the UK as a theater publicist, until an audience member declared that she could “sell ice to an Eskimo,” and advised her to make the jump to advertising. Four years later, she joined one […]

Why do I like making spontaneous videos?

It sounds vain I know but I look great when I have sex and not everyone does.

Perhaps I’m on a oxytocin high!

Either way, I like sharing some pleasure with my followers and I certainly hope it motivates them to be human and get naked and mate with gusto!

Ps. Video doesnt have to be a production  […]

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