What I’m reading – ‘The Greatest Wisdom – A Philosopher, Poet and Athlete’ by Zac Scy

Excerpt from her post:

“This morning I woke up to the news that the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali, had passed away.

I’d like to share some of his quotes and thoughts with you as well as take some time to reflect on what they’ve taught me….

“What keeps me going is goals.”

It’s easy to get […]

What I’m reading – Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

“This extraordinary, wildly entertaining book sheds new light on the Age of Disruption. What does it take to make a meaningful difference? And how can you apply this insight to your own life? By debunking myths of success stories, challenging long-held beliefs of process, and finding commonality among those who are agents of profound change, […]

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What I’m reading… Joy St James aka ‘The Scholarly Slut’

Her latest post:


She describes herself as a postmodern Moll Flanders. Adventuress, transgressor, verbal ecdysiast, and yogini. Recovering prude, former nerd, brainy bimbo.

Her essays and erotica have appeared in various print anthologies and websites.

I enjoy her blogs immensely! Highly recommended.

Follow her here:


Her twitter:


Her Facebook:


Joy St […]

What I’m reading… Sexuality in Western Art

The book covers art from the so-called “prehistoric Venuses,” cave paintings and carvings and takes the reader on a fascinating tour of the whole of western art (with a few diversions to eastern art such as the Japanese Shunga woodblock painting “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife”) and arrives safely in the present time.

Edward Lucie-Smith’s […]

What I’m reading: Two Decades Naked by Leigh Hopkinson

From the article in The Guardian

Is working as a stripper honestly empowering? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself since I quit stripping 18 months ago, after spending two decades naked.

It’s also a question I had a vested interest in not asking while I was still gainfully employed. I hated the popular belief […]

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What I’m reading… ‘David Bailey’s Democracy’

From An Introduction by Desmond Morris

When viewing these portraits it is important to make a distinction between nudity and nakedness. To me, these are naked bodies but they are not nudes. Traditionally the nude has one of two agendas – the […]

What I’m reading…’If It’s Purple, Someone’s Gonna Die: The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling’

Guided by her twenty-five years of research on the effects of color on behavior, Bellantoni has grouped more than 60 films under the spheres of influence of six major colors, each of which triggers very specific emotional states.

For example, the author explains that films with a dominant red influence have themes and characters that are […]

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What I’m reading… Out of Eden: The Surprising Consequences of Polygamy

From Amazon:

In this changing world of what is socially and politically “correct,” polygamy is perhaps the last great taboo. Over the last thousand years, monogamy – at least in name – has been the default setting for coupledom and procreation in the Western world. And yet, throughout history, there have been inklings that “one-man, one-woman” […]

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What I’m reading – Canon of Design: Mastering Artistic Composition

From Amazon:

There’s nothing more important to the future of your artwork than to educate and nurture the unique talent you were born to share with the world. The Canon of Design represents artistic integrity, and enables you to leave your mark on this earth as one of the most talented visual communicators ever known. Learn […]

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What I’m reading – Joy St James ‘Pour On The Pink!’

“A woman who tries to act like a man is a total waste of a woman.” So asserts Shelley Zalis, the founder of the “Girls’ Lounge” — as counterpoint to the traditional “boy’s club” dominating business culture. Hers is a place for serious businesswomen to express themselves as girlie girls. A dash — […]

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