What I’m Watching… ’Masters of Sex – Season 3′

According to Robert Lloyd, the Los Angeles Times television critic, the show is a “handsome thing, another well-dressed romp through the American mid-century, when things (we imagine) were simpler and (so we like to think) less sophisticated, but also more exciting. And it’s true that sexual naiveté of that age can seem incredible in […]

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What I’m watching…François Truffaut documentary: ‘La Leçon de Cinema’


The documentary examines Truffaut’s life and career in astonishing totality, highlighting selected clips from many of his best and most-loved films, including under-appreciated gems like his crackerjack movie-within-a-movie, Day for Night, and his tender and insightful portrait of married ennui, Bed and Board. The layer of Truffaut’s generally affable public persona is also peeled […]

What I’m Watching… ‘Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht’

Nosferatu the Vampyre is a 1979 West German art house vampire film written and directed by Werner Herzog. Its original German title is Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (“Nosferatu: Phantom of the Night”).

The film is set primarily in 19th-century Wismar, Germany and Transylvania, and was conceived as a stylistic remake of the 1922 German Dracula adaptation, […]

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What I’m Watching…’Three Colors: Red’ Krzysztof Kieślowski

An incandescent meditation on fate and chance, starring Irène Jacob as a sweet-souled yet somber runway model in Geneva whose life intersects with that of a bitter retired judge, played by Jean‑Louis Trintignant.


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What I’m Watching… ‘Trois Couleurs : Bleu’



Another film I revisit often. This time to closely observe the cinematography by Slawomir Idziak.




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‘Just wanted to say that you have a wonderful blog. Love all the pictures. […]

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What I’m Watching – ‘Blow Up’ Dir. Michelangelo Antonioni 1966

From an article by Roger Ebert:

Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow-Up” opened in America two months before I became a film critic, and colored my first years on the job with its lingering influence. It was the opening salvo of the emerging “film generation,” which quickly lined up outside “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Weekend” […]

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Composition In Storytelling – Another excellent video by Lewis Bond

The cinema screen is just another canvas for an artist to create images. Composition is the tool that gives those images structure and purpose.

Like his other videos available on YouTube, this video is just marvelous. Please share it!

Be sure to support his efforts on Patreon!


What I’m watching… ‘Klute’ 1971 Dir. Alan J. Pakula


I revisit Klute often.

There’s much to admire, of course, but I often watch it with the sound down… just to study the cinematography by Gordon Willis

‘The Prince of Darkness’, a documentary of the work of Gordon Willis ASC, is in development at Alias Studio Sydney.


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What I’m Watching – Lost In Translation


Visually I’m influenced and nudged by the work of others, sometimes in non-visual arts even. The debt Lost In Translation owes to La Dolce Vita (Fellini 1960) is pretty clear, of course. In one scene the main characters are watching it in a hotel room on television.

The very first shot of the film (see […]

What I’m Watching – Eyes Wide Shut Dir. Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick’s final film was Eyes Wide Shut (1999), starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as a Manhattan couple on a sexual odyssey. Tom Cruise portrays a doctor who witnesses a bizarre masked quasireligious orgiastic ritual at a country mansion, a discovery which later threatens his life.

The story is based on Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 Freudian novella […]

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