Early in my readings on sexuality, I came across this piece of wisdom aimed at women which resonated with me instantly and informed how I live to this day :

“On Choosing A Partner To Mate
We are animals built to mate.
Sex is therefore always powerful. It is nature at work. But natural sex with the right lover is even
more so.
So always be aware…is it the sex itself or the sex with THAT male that creates the power?
Some are chosen for you.
The difficulty is you truly only know on entry of his sex into yours. Once inside you will know.
We are like that.
Yet, if it’s reached that stage it may already be too late to learn his cock
is not the one you crave.
So be very aware, trust your senses.
And value and mate violently with the ones who are chosen.”

Now of course, we live in an imperfect world, and have to look after our health in our sexual adventures. Especially if you buy into the casual hookup culture that is facilitated by so many websites and apps.

But one of the reasons that the mainstream porn industry so vehemently resists the mandatory use of condoms is that the audience wants to see bare fucking. It triggers our primal responses, and is an essential part of the fantasy on screen.

Something to think about in selecting the partner(s) you mate and film with.

Amanda xx