Once upon a time…  out of curiousity I posted an ad on an online dating site.

The experience left me underwhelmed. I eventually had to post the following on my profile.

Why do people become so unintelligent when they use new media?

Especially where sex is involved.

I wrote…

Images and text exist for a reason. To communicate always, sometimes to evoke a strong (or subtle) emotion.

Anyone reading this blog might get the impression I prefer to communicate in complete sentences. You infer from that I might actually be intelligent and educated without me having to state those facts.

The images I have posted might suggest also I don’t like the blatantly obvious there either.

So…WHY do guys who claim to be intelligent and mature send me messages calling me “hun” and “babe” from moment one when they don’t know me, choose to ignore the above and actually think they will get somewhere with me personally by doing so?

The messages are usually accompanied by close ups of their cocks or even more strangely…. shots of themselves out with their mates. And a phone number enquiring what I’m doing tonight.

Often, sentences or phrases end with “LOL”. You see this a lot on profiles also. Where’s the joke?

Effort. That’s where great pics start. Great sex also.

Ironically, guys who send messages like that to me actually ARE communicating a lot about themselves.

By default.

Their lack of success must be a constant source of wonder to them.

And, in case you’re interested, nothing changed.

Same messages.

Same pics of cocks.