On Slingshot, you can see a message only if you send one back. Until you do, you’ll only see a pixelated preview of what’s in store.

Facebook product designer Joey Flynn says this gives it a “reciprocal, kind of community feel.”

Unlike with Snapchat, there is no time limit on when a message disappears. Once you are done looking at it, you can flick it off to the side and it self-destructs, much the same way you’d reject a potential mate on Tinder’s dating app.

Slingshot also allows reaction shots. This splits your screen in half and lets you snap a photo to return to the sender. In this case, the recipient won’t have to send back a message to view your response.

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I can immediately see the sexy uses of this… as well as the mundane – all the poorly-lit pics of erections waiting for the startled response. More on the sexy uses another time.

The pic here might give you an idea of my use. Want to come around and join me upstairs?

Amanda x