From the article by Susie O’Brien:

Dating has certainly changed in recent years, and not necessarily for the better. Singles are more likely to head to services such as Tinder, or Plenty of Fish, rather than perch on a bar stool.

And of them, the site that everyone’s talking about is Tinder, mainly because it links people on just three criteria: age, gender and location. All you have to go on is a photo, an introduction line and a very brief profile page. If you don’t like what you see, you swipe left, if you like someone, swipe right….

You think twice before being mean to someone in a bar you go to regularly, but with Tinder, you just swipe left and obliterate someone forever. In any case, how can you judge a person from just one photo?

When you see people in real life, you can judge them by how they interact with their friends, or see if they are sneaking peeks your way. With Tinder you’ve often got little more than a bad bathroom selfie to go on.

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PS. The pic is from an actual site where you can get tips from the ‘ultimate wing-man’. Two guesses why I didn’t include a link.

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