From the article by Vanessa de Largie at The Courier Mail

We’ve known for a while now that clean-cut Richie Strahan is Australia’s newest Bachelor, and it has just been announced that TV news anchor Georgia Love will be our newest Bachelorette. Once again women around the country will be drip-fed the romance-lie via soft lighting, unauthentic dates and red roses.

What is Australia’s obsession with the Bachelor/ette series? It seems the only women who are represented in mainstream shows such as these are those who seek romance, intimacy and a relationship. The media shines plenty of light on women who desire a man and eternal love. But where are the stories about women who just want a good-ole-shag? Why aren’t we being represented?

Personally, I can’t stomach the icky love stuff. It makes me want to vomit in my mouth. For me, sex is all about pleasure. The love-stuff can stay outside with the dog.

And when popular culture isn’t selling us The Bachelor, it is selling us the princess-myth. Apparently, every little girl should desire to be a Kate or a Mary and wait for Prince-F**king-Charming to show up. Why does the mainstream media assume that every woman wants a prince and a big wedding?

Forget all of this romance — where’s the sex?

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