Ira Glass is talking about writing here, but the same applies to all forms of creativity.

It took me years before I was in any way satisfied with the images I was creating. It is always the conflict between what you want to achieve and what you are getting, and I’m not talking about technical proficiency here.

The technical is the easy bit to learn… rather, it is totally about that inner sense of what you want to express in an image – call it taste-driven if you want – and the actual result.

This is why I am annoyed by people who pick up an iphone – or even a decent camera – and take the most monstrously awful pics and then try to disguise the mediocrity (read laziness) with an Instagram filter.

They are just quitting moment one. The effort is too much.

Why do I have so many tumblrs? Use the link above to find them. My eye is restless, the process of selecting one pic over another for inclusion keeps my taste alive. Taste isn’t what we like, its what we reject.

It’s all about the effort… and always growing.

The journey never ends.