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Was reading…

“Dopamine. It’s at the core of our sexual drives and survival needs, and it motivates us to do just about everything. This mechanism within the reward center of the primitive brain has been around for millions of years and has not changed. Rats, humans — indeed, all mammals — are very similar in this respect….With dopamine as the driving force, biology has designed you to engage in fertilization behavior (read, fucking), and urges you to move on to new partners to create greater genetic variety among your offspring.”


“Humans, however, don’t have a period of “heat” followed by a long period of indifference to sex. Unlike all other mammals, we have the potential for on-going, dopamine-driven sexual desire. Yet we, too, self-regulate. An “off switch” kicks in after too much passion.

Two events happen simultaneously. Dopamine plummets and prolactin soars. Dopamine is “go get it!” and prolactin is “whoa!” This mechanism shifts your attention elsewhere…Without this natural, protective shutdown, you would pursue sex to the exclusion of all other activities.”

I might glow from a night of sexing but have no problem centering and refocussing on the tasks of the day. I’m aware of whats going on in my body and my mind.

There is a lot going on below the surface in us… and its obvious to me many people don’t give a moments thought as to why they do what they do, especially sexually.